Jan 29, 2009

Bulls and Geldings 2009

I love this event in Red Bluff. More to come on the stock dog competition.

Jan 24, 2009


Roger Yellowknife, a Marine Corps veteran, and a member of the Hu Puus Witam Native American Color Guard, uses eagle feathers to pray Friday during the burial service for James Swett at the Northern California Veterans Cemetery.

Jan 16, 2009


I'm not too old to remember what that feels like. In Circuit City for a going out of business story.


I walked into one of the trade school classes offered for local high school students and immediately saw this guy. He was responsible for handing out and keeping track of all the tools the students used to work on cars. I made him pose for a portrait.


Jan 10, 2009

Going out of business

They are dropping like flies in Redding. In business for 45 years.......

Jan 6, 2009

YA BASTA!!!!!!!!

A protest in Albuqueruqe against the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza.