Apr 15, 2009

Rest in Peace Kitty

We will always love you Kitty. You brought so much joy to our lives and it will be so hard to be here without you. Know that we will always, always think of you, and know that you you touched us in a way that changed us forever. We miss you so much.

Apr 12, 2009

Ya Tenemos Un Perro

Everybody, meet Benny. We just got him yesterday and we're already in love. He has one eye (someone shot him in the eye with a BB gun) and a huge heart. Wanna come meet him?

He's a little timid, and our cat is not super happy, but we're working through it. We're super happy to have him in our lives.

Que Viva Benny!

Apr 8, 2009


Stood my nephews in the middle of the street in the wonderful New Mexico light and told them to show me their muscles. Love it.