May 2, 2007

My second prom in two weeks. But this one was special. This first picture is of Estrella Lopez, senior at Peñasco High School where I went to school, and the start of the girls basketball team that I follewed during the seasion. She's looking out the window nervously waiting for her date to arrive.

The second picture is of a couple who were recently involved in a shooting up in Peñasco. She was shot through the hand and he was shot through the back three times. He graduated a couple of years ago but she is a senior this year and was voted prom queen. It was a touching moment to see the school crown her after what she went through. The other moment that pushed me over the edge happened when the boyfriend requested that song by Akon, where the corus goes, "Nobody wants to see us together but that don't matter because I got you babe." The shooting had to do with someone who did not want to see them together so even though the song is cheesy, it was pretty powerful.

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