Aug 10, 2007

Good friends and good food. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lexey and Josh for bringing a bit of the world to me. Lexey and her husband Jeff recently returned to San Jose, CA for a friend's wedding, and while there they went by the famous La Victoria Taqueria and picked up some special sauce. Now many of you think that this or that special sauce/hot sauce is where it's at. Let me tell you, you're wrong. La Victoria special sauce is where it's at. I'm sure it's full of stuff that is really bad for you, but I don't care. It is good, on everything.

The rum comes compliments of Josh, who recently returned from Puerto Rico, where he was working. I had a glass last night from another bottle, a little ice, lime and tonic. I'm no rum expert, but I don't need to be. Wow.

Anyway, I want to thank you Lexey, Jeff, and Josh for the gifts. They made, and will continue, to make me happy. Jakobo

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