Jun 11, 2008


Northern California is catching fire like 10 times a day. At the small brush fire today, I tried to channel a little Craig Fritz of the Albuquerque Tribune but didn't even get close.

Nonetheless, I want to thank Craig for making the ordinary interesting and inspiring the rest of us to try.


Craig Fritz said...

I'm convinced one of the reasons photographers shoot good pictures (like all of Jakob's) is that most PJ's have seen everything so many times and because we as a lot are stubborn. When we come upon something for the umpteenth million time, we look for a new excuse to push the button. That is one of my excuses anyway. The next step is having an editor that will back up your decision not to shoot the obvious. MH anyone?

Jakob said...

It's all true. And it's liberating to know that there is something new, something different, even on the millionth try.

People like Craig and Mark Holm set the bar high, and a whole gang of us have been trying to follow.

Thank you is all I can say. Because when I try something new, I can always draw from the times I saw other people do it.