Jul 19, 2008


I hiked nine miles into the Trinity Alps Wilderness to do a story about firefighters who camp out for up to 10 days and battle a blaze burning through very steep forest near a bunch of old gold mines. All together it was 25 miles of hiking in two days and took every ounce of strength in me. Yoga probably would have helped.


Lexey said...

you, my friend, are ambitious. :) nice picture

lackofintellect said...

Was it a Wildfire Use Module? I think I might be heading out on one of those later this summer. They have such a fun job. They get to camp out on the fire for long periods and just document what it's doing and some times take action when it is burning in areas that don't need to burn. I have worked with several different modules before, and the people that usually work for them are very interesting and down to earth.

cdillon said...

Great work Jakob. By far,that front page pix of the super limber woman, was my favorite this summer.