Jul 3, 2007

More recent work. It ebbs and flows down here. A lot of daily work, sometimes with enough time to get it down, sometimes without. I'm changing schedules this week so I'll be on nights and have more time to work my own stuff, or work things that don't have to turned in every day for deadline. Also trying to find my own stories and have a couple ledes. The first one will be published Monday so I'll put it up. Breen, if you're reading this, thanks for the feedback, really. It feels great to know that people appreciate the photos. Hommies for life.

The Dad with his girls is from our fathers day story. They're at the zoo on a boat that takes visitors out to these islands where the monkeys live. The girl eating watermelon was just chilling by a bridge we did story on. The girl and her father was one of my favorite photos from the past couple weeks. She had cancer when she was three, but has fully recovered. They were at the water park with other kids and their families who have been touched by cancer. I immediately fell in love with the family who was sweet as pie. And the portrait is of a WWII vet. We just did a big video piece on the web about veterans that runs July 2-4. Check it out.

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